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Tadeusz Hauff

Schaevenstr. 2
50676 Cologne

Fon 0221 168 68 110
Fax 0221 168 68 111

LimoLine - Company Philosophy -

Reliability, comfort, safety and flexibility: These are the qualities by which our company is measured.

Our chauffeurs all have years of extensive work experience. Excellent manners are just as important to us as discretion. We ensure that our passengers have a relaxing ride and presentable public appearance.

We work according to your requirements and get you to your destination safely and in style.

LimoLine -The Name-

LimoLine, the name of our company finds its roots in the French region of Limousin. This is where, in the 15th century, the large coaches to transport passengers were developed and built.

This name has remained the same ever since and is now used as a synonym for all large-scale passenger cars.

LimoLine - The Emblem -

The chain in our emblem is the symbol of St. Leonhard, patron saint of coachmen.
The circular chain and the individually interconnected chain links illustrate our duty to provide the perfect service, in which our customers are safely in the centre and we are there to tend to their every need.

We at LimoLine wish you an enjoyable and pleasant journey.